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What jobs did poor ancient romans have

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WebRome had slaves by the millions and they worked the mines, the plantations, and did . WebSome were rich aristocrats and some were free Roman citizens that were poor. I guess .

What jobs did poor ancient romans have

The poor people generally had to work as unskilled workers, getting themselves hired on a daily basis to perform a variety of menial jobs. They were known as a. CAREERS IN ANCIENT ROME. The people of Ancient Rome had many different jobs or careers. Each of the following were careers options to the people of Rome.

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Interesting facts about ancient Roman jobs

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Jobs in Ancient Rome. Among the members of the Roman workforce were shield makers, bath attendants, blacksmiths and medical orderlies. Romans had many. Many were extremely well educated or able in the greatest variety of tasks which they had undertaken in their homelands. A good cook or medic was without price.

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WebNov 3,  · Other Roman jobs in government included tax management, military . WebJan 14,  · What jobs did rich people in ancient Rome have? Examples of jobs that .

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