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Queensland police recruiting jobs

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WebHow often does the Queensland Police Service recruit? The QPS does not recruit to a particular intake. Police Recruiting conducts ongoing recruitment and accepts . WebMay 26,  · The Queensland Police Service employs staff members in a wide range of roles across the state. These roles offer a rewarding career that provides vital assistance .

Queensland police recruiting jobs

Jobs in the police · Become a QPS officer · Specialist roles · Become a Protective Security Officer · Become a staff member · Become a Police Liaison Officer · Become. Search job openings at Queensland Police. 52 Queensland Police jobs including salaries, ratings, and reviews, posted by Queensland Police employees.

The job market has been a bit of a roller coaster in recent years, with some jobs becoming more lucrative and some becoming less so. With that in mind, it's important to stay on top of which jobs are paying the highest salaries in order to make sure you're making the most of your career. In 2011, there are a few jobs that stand out as the most lucrative, and here's a list of the highest paying jobs of the year. 1. Chief Executive Officer - CEOs are the highest paid executives in the corporate world. They are responsible for the long-term success of their companies and are paid accordingly. The average salary for a CEO in 2011 is estimated at around $169,890. 2. Surgeon - Working in the medical field can be very rewarding and lucrative. Surgeons are some of the highest paid professionals and their average salary for 2011 is estimated at $156,360. 3. Chief Financial Officer - CFOs are responsible for managing the financial operations of a company. They oversee budgets, investments and financial decisions. In 2011, CFOs are making an average of $154,230. 4. Attorney - Attorneys are highly educated professionals who provide legal advice and representation for their clients. Their average salary for 2011 is estimated at $144,230. 5. Software Developer - Software developers are responsible for designing, developing and maintaining software applications. They are in high demand and their average salary for 2011 is estimated at $111,190. 6. Pharmacist - Pharmacists are responsible for dispensing and monitoring prescription medications. Their average salary for 2011 is estimated at $107,380. 7. Engineer - Engineers are responsible for designing, developing and testing products and systems. They are in high demand and their average salary for 2011 is estimated at $107,230. 8. Airline Pilot - Airline pilots are responsible for flying commercial airplanes. Their average salary for 2011 is estimated at $106,240. 9. Physician - Physicians are highly educated medical professionals who diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases. Their average salary for 2011 is estimated at $105,900. 10. Accountant - Accountants are responsible for preparing and examining financial records. They are in high demand and their average salary for 2011 is estimated at $101,450. These are some of the highest paying jobs of 2011. If you're looking for a lucrative career, these are some positions to consider.

QBANK - Jacob tells us what it's like to be a QPS Police Officer

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Find your ideal job at SEEK with police jobs found in Brisbane, Queensland. View all our police vacancies now with new jobs added daily! Find your ideal job at SEEK with Queensland Police Service jobs found in All Australia. View all our Queensland Police Service vacancies now with new.

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WebYou will become a key member of the Queensland Police Service (QPS), legal team providing quality professional advice which supports the delivery of operational policing . WebFeb 23,  · Queensland is launching a global recruitment drive for hundreds of police officers over the next five years, as the state's police minister acknowledges difficulties .

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