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Shrewsbury sixth form college jobs

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WebMar 2,  · Admissions Coordinator Salary: £24, p.a. Full-time (37 hours per week). Full year. Permanent. Based at Welsh Bridge campus. We are seeking an Admissions . WebShrewsbury Colleges Group is Shropshire's largest college. Formed from the merger of Shrewsbury Sixth Form College and Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology, .

Shrewsbury sixth form college jobs

We have developed this resource to provide job applicants with information through the merger of Shrewsbury Sixth Form College and Shrewsbury College. The newly formed Shrewsbury Colleges Group is therefore a designated sixth form college and is the largest sixth form college in the country as measured by.

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About Shrewsbury Colleges Group We are seeking an Admissions Co-ordinator to join our busy team. Strong growth in student recruitment and an ambitious growth. View details and apply for this Teacher of Media job in Shrewsbury (SY1) with Formed from the merger of Shrewsbury Sixth Form College and Shrewsbury.

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WebPositions available at Shrewsbury Colleges Group Admissions Coordinator Shrewsbury Colleges Group, Shropshire We are seeking an Admissions Co-ordinator to join our busy . WebThank you for your enquiry about an application, now that term has started please ring the Admissions team on for Vocational courses at London Road or .

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