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Army blackhawk crew chief job description

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WebApr 26,  · An Army crew chief is a specialist who keeps the inside and outside of a helicopter safe, well-maintained and productive at all times. They instruct their Army . WebJul 10,  · Every member of aviation, from pilots to crew chiefs to mechanics, is vital to accomplishing a mission. Find the aerial defense career that fits your future in the Army. .

Army blackhawk crew chief job description

Supervised and performed maintenance on the UH A Blackhawk helicopters. Performed FOD checks, Daily and Turn Around inspections. Maximized technical and. UH Black Hawk Helicopter Repairer/ Crew Chief with four years of active duty, and diverse flight experience in the United States Army.

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The soldier in command is called the Helicopter Crew Chief. Other responsibilities include navigation, combat, and supervisory tasks; undertaking minor. UH Helicopter Crewchief Serves as a UHA mechanic in a Security and Support Battalion flight company; performs and/or supervises operational checks and.

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Web rows · Enlisted. 15X. AHA Armament/Electrical/Avionics Systems Repairer. Enlisted. 15Y. AHD Armament/Electrical/Avionics Systems Repairer. Enlisted. 15Z. . WebApr 16,  · As a UH Helicopter Repairer, you will maintain and fix UH ("Black Hawk") helicopters, making sure they are safe and ready to fly in hundreds of Army .

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